Australia has a gambling problem. Access to gambling is on the increase,
but access to gambling addiction treatment isn't. 

Rather than create an awareness campaign we created a social media treatment program called the 100 Day Challenge. The program was designed to help gamblers change their lives over 100 days. Participants became a part of an online community support group, who provided inspiration. They could also recruit friends for support and access one-on-one counseling. To promote the program four real world gambling addicts took part, and footage from their daily diaries became our content for television, radio, outdoor and online.

In 100 Days:
16% of problem gamblers engaged with the program
56% of problem gamblers were aware of the program
25% of problem gamblers shared the program
Over 50 news outlets created over two million PR impressions.
Fight for the real you - Online Film
Fight for the real you - Launch TVC
100 Day Challenge- 50 Days Anna TVC
100 Day Challenge - 50 Days Matt TVC
100 Day Challenge website and program featuring weekly videos
100 Day Challenge Launch Radio Commercials
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