AI generated imagery has caused a worldwide debate on what it means for the future of art.
Yet there’s been almost no discussion on the creativity of the words needed to make them.
For this years Melbourne Writers Festival, a collection of AI artwork was created that looks past the images themselves and shines a spotlight on the words needed to make them. Without these written prompts, AI art wouldn’t exist. To create each unique art piece, passages from literary icons Mary Shelley, Herman Melville, H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker and George Orwell were inserted, word for word, into the AI Mid Journey. Each visual stands as a timely reminder of the enduring power of the written word. The media placements were in locations with high foot traffic and dwell time, as well as in and around the festival.

My role: Creative Director
Creative Team: Kale McRedmond, James Southey

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